Scientific Visualization

The Scientific Visualization Core is a group of scientists, artists, designers and programmers who present information in an accurate, intuitive and graphically innovative manner. The group translates the results of analyses conducted by LONIR and our collaborators into sophisticated scientific visualizations and animations. By communicating our research in a visually compelling way, the Scientific Visualization Core represents a crucial component of LONIR.

The Core delivers resources, technologies and expertise to scientists and collaborators. It also creates and maintains the websites and galleries that communicate findings with collaborators, the scientific community and the public.

Here are some examples of work produced by the Scientific Visualization Core:

The Data Immersive Visualization Environment (DIVE) is a key resource located with the new LONIR facility. It is home to a large curved display that can present highly detailed images, video, interactive graphics and rich media generated by specialized research data.  The DIVE display features a dominant image area, with consistent brightness across the entire display surface, high contrast, and 150° horizontal viewing angle.  The display resolution target is 4k Ultra HD, 3840×2160 (8.3 megapixels), in a 16:9 aspect ratio.  The DIVE is designed to facilitate research communication, dissemination, training and high levels of interaction.