LONI Pipeline

The LONI Pipeline is a free workflow application primarily aimed at Neuroimaging Researchers. With the LONI Pipeline, users can create workflows that take advantage of all the greatest Neuroimaging tools available, quickly.


If there are tools that you need that can only work on another operating system, you can install a Pipeline server on that computer and connect from your client to do processing and analysis remotely.

If you don’t want to define your own modules, you can connect to the LONI Pipeline server and take advantage of all the modules we have defined for use in our lab. This way, you also get the benefit of all your processing being done on our 600 CPU computing grid.

If you have a grid at your disposal the Pipeline can exploit parallelism in your workflow, and process large datasets in about the time it takes to process a single one.

Putting together workflows only requires knowledge of your tools and your goal, instead of programming languages and scripts.


LONI Pipeline Processing Environment Information


The LONI Pipeline is a simple graphical environment for constructing complex scientific analyses of data. It provides a visually intuitive interface to data analysis while also allowing for diverse programs to interact seamlessly. The Pipeline allows researchers to share their methods of analysis with each other easily and provides a simple platform for distributing new programs, as well as program updates, to the desired community. The environment also takes advantage of supercomputing environments by automatically parallelizing data-independent programs in a given analysis whenever possible. Finally, the LONI Pipeline can run in a client-server mode, allowing access to compute servers running analysis software that benefits from a dedicated machine with vast computational resources.


Visit the LONI Pipeline website



System Requirements

OS: NA, Memory: Less than 64Mb for client – 100Mb + X (X denotes variables like client load, etc.), Processor: Not processor-specific, Other: Java 1.5 or higher

Pipeline server can run on any system that is supported by JDK 1.5 or higher, so the first thing to do is head over to Su