Starting Point: Point on object where temporal lobe separates from frontal lobe

Direction: Anterior to Posterior

Ending Point: Nestled inside the supramarginal gyrus

Notes:Follow the natural course, do not pass over any gyri. You will not need to rotate the object. Sylvian moves superior as it moves posterior. The anterior end almost always starts anterior to, or directly at, the inferior extent of the precentral Sulcus. Always confirm your sulcus choice in the coronal slice view. Occasionally, Sylvian moves dramatically superior, sometimes interfering with the designation of the postcentral sulcus. In these cases, follow the Sylvian Fissure, but do not draw superior to intraparietal sulcus. Then draw postcentral ending at superior extent of the SylvianUse axial and saggital reslice views for assistance, but ultimately use the object view for decision. When there are two paths to choose from at the posterior extent, always take the more superior route.

Check Figure for Reference