Starting Point: Near midline, in top view

Direction: Superior to Inferior

Ending Point: At or near Sylvian fissure

Notes: Frequently discontinuous in the middle of the sulcus. This sulcus should be just anterior to the central sulcus. The middle frontal terminates on the precentral, which can give you a clue. The most superior extent ends towards the midline and it runs generally parallel to the central sulcus. If there is a superior fork, take the anterior route, staying relatively parallel to the central sulcus. Staying parallel should take priority over sulcal continuity if it veers dramatically anterior (rough guideline: if the sulcus angles > 45 degrees anterior, then don’t go that way). If there is a choice between two different routes at the inferior aspect, always take the more anterior path unless the other is clearly more continuous.

Check Figure for Reference