Starting Point: Top view, just behind the Central sulcus, near midline

Direction: Superior to Inferior

Ending Point: Superior to the Sylvian fissure

Notes: Always first identify the postcentral sulcus in superior axial view, as it is always the sulcus just behind the central sulcus at the superior extent. There is often a small extra sulcus between the central and the postcentral near the Sylvian at the inferior extent of the sulcus (see case 10792, 2137, 102812). If this extra sulcus is present, take the posterior route (tends to intersect directly into Sylvian Fissure in these cases). If the superior extent of the sulcus is not continuous up to the midline, always choose the posterior extent (e.g., not anterior towards the central sulcus) using the following guidelines: move posterior when you reach the most superior bifurcation from the midline. Almost always ends in an insular type sulcus. Do not jump sulci, unless you have no other options.

Check Figure for Reference