Research Protocols

Cerebellar Sulcal Anatomy

Primary Fissure

Start in front view, draw medial to lateral (Fig. 1). Continue to top view and extend to the midline. From the top view, this fissure usually appears to be about half way down the cerebellum (Fig. 2). Sometimes using the right/left view helps in identifying which is the primary fissure. Save as 1L for the left sulci, 1R for the right (labeling from top or posterior view).

Superior Posterior Fissure

Draw in a medial to lateral direction starting from the top view. There are usually three segments to the superior posterior, label them 2a, 2b, 2c.

Horizontal Fissure

Draw in a medial to lateral direction. This fissure can be traced into three segments. Be sure to label the segments as 3a (Fig. 1), 3b (Fig. 3), 3c (Fig. 4).

  1. 3a: Start in the front view at the cerebellar peduncles and end at the bifurcation point where it branches into several sulci.
  2. 3b: This is the continuation of 3a, but start in the left/right view and take the lower and deepest fissure.
  3. 3c: This is the continuation of 3b but start in the back view and continue to midline.