PI: Ken Marek
Institution: Institute of Neurodegenerative Disorders


The PPMI project has been and continues to be one of the largest and most widely accessed efforts describing Parkinson’s disease in the world. The LONIR has developed the data science means to accommodate the diverse data collected around the world and sent to the PPMI site (also managed by LONI). We have provided the on-going data repository and data integration services for this study and have developed standardized templates for data analysis results. The IDA provides the infrastructure for sharing all imaging, clinical, genetic and analysis results data with authorized investigators who search, view and/or download data from within the IDA. We have developed customized, and enhanced datasets suitable for use in statistical data curation processes. Data from more than 2,000 subjects comprising 10, 532 SPECT, PET and MRI scans and 214 clinical, biospecimen, and genetic datasets (~8,500 data attributes) have been deposited in the repository and shared with more than 3,700 investigators. The results of this project to date have produced 300 manuscripts in the last 7 years.