PI: Thomas Obisesan
Institution: Howard University


LONIR provides on-going data repository and MRI quality assessment services for Dr. Obisesan’s Gene, Exercise, Memory and Neurodegeneration in Blacks Study GEMS). TR&D1 developed the technology to enable GEMS MRI scans to be uploaded into the LONI IDA where, following de-identification, they are securely stored and placed into a quarantine status pending image quality assessment. Once deposited in the IDA, each MRI scan is run through the QC system and given a quality rating. Scans given a passing rating are automatically removed from quarantine and placed into ‘Available’ status so they may be shared with Dr. Obisesan’s collaborators. 1,267 MRI scans have been deposited into the repository and received quality assessment. The LONIR repository provides tracking systems allowing Dr. Obisesan to monitor upload and download activity and also a user access system with which he can grant access to others who assist with his study or wish to pool GEMS data with data from other studies. Analyses of images relative the other measures collected is enabled in part using technologies developed in TR&D3.