LONIR provides training for a wide spectrum of investigators including colleagues across the country, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as high school students. Trainees from different disciplines learn the theory and applications of LONIR tools, their advantages, limitations, assumptions and best practices. A variety of local and national workshops and conferences showcasing the LONIR activities provide mechanisms to attract and train investigators on the new tools and techniques developed by LONIR. Examples of LONIR training activities include training workshops, conference symposia and presentations, LONI Presents series, special interest group (SIG) meetings, undergraduate and graduate courses, students and postdoctoral trainees, and visiting scientists.

Workshops, Courses, and Education: LONIR provides regular seminars, workshops, and courses on advanced information technology. Building on a mature and established Training Program in Neuroimaging, the resource has designed our workshops and courses to include training on multidimensional modeling.

Pipeline Demo Day

LONI Pipeline Demo Day – Big Data Analysis using the LONI Pipeline”
When: October 2nd, 2015, 9am-noon
Where: Rosen Family Screening Room, TCC 227 Tutor Campus Center, University Park Campus, University of Southern California

In this workshop, entitled “Big Data Analysis using the LONI Pipeline”, we will showcase LONI Pipeline and present a series of brief summaries of how LONI Pipeline is being used by USC investigators on a range of big data problems. While many of the examples focus on neuroimaging and genetics as examples of large data, this by no means suggests that LONI Pipeline is limited to only thee biomedical data types. In fact, LONI Pipeline is data type agnostic and is suitable for engineering, computer science, physics, information science, as well as any other discipline which requires automated methods for large-scale data analytics. We think that LONI Pipeline might be right for you! Please join us for a look at how Pipeline can expedite your big data analyses and join us for an ice cream social to follow.

LONI Pipeline: The LONI Pipeline workflow application includes features that allows users to easily describe their executables in a graphical user interface. This software automates the process of manually managing intermediate data in a script.