LONIR provides training for a wide spectrum of investigators, including colleagues across the country, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and high school students. Trainees from different disciplines learn the theory and applications of LONIR tools, as well as their assumptions, advantages, limitations, and best practices.

A variety of workshops and conferences, both local and national, showcase the LONIR activities with the goal of attracting and training investigators to use the new tools and techniques developed by LONIR. Examples of LONIR training activities include training workshops, conference symposia and presentations, LONI Presents series, special interest group (SIG) meetings, undergraduate and graduate courses, students and postdoctoral trainees, and visiting scientists.

Workshops, Seminars, and University-Level Courses

LONIR provides regular seminars, workshops, and courses on advanced information technology. Building on a mature and established Training Program in Neuroimaging, the Resource has designed our workshops and courses to include training on multidimensional modeling.

In 2016, LONIR hosted a LONI Pipeline Demo Day and a Scientific Knowledge Discovery over Big Data event. Both seminars will be held at approximately 6 month intervals at USC and at venues around the country.

USC’s Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute in the Keck School of Medicine is also home to a new, one-year Master of Science (MS) degree program focused on neuroimaging and the associated informatics. This advanced program of study provides students with a deep understanding of the scientific and clinical underpinnings of neuroimaging science; they also learn how to leverage integrative computational processing to make sense of imaging data.


Connection to formal USC Training Programs

LONIR is linked to a number of NIH Training Programs (T32s) for graduate fellowships. As an integrative resource spanning the fields of computer science, mathematics and image analysis, LONIR contributes to interdisciplinary neuroimaging research at USC and beyond.


Visiting Scholar Series

The LONIR visiting scholar series is designed to provide long-term training of individuals who are interested in neuroimaging and multi-dimensional modeling. During the past year, eight visiting scientists have joined LONI for extended stays.


Dissemination of Hardcopy & Electronic Materials

For years, our group has committed to developing electronic training tools for medical students and other trainees, as well as interactive media for presenting material to interested colleagues. This includes custom graphics and video as well as educational presentations. Hardcopy materials, in the form of manuals and software protocols, are a necessary adjunct to electronic resources.


LONIR Support of K-12 Education

LONIR will continue its participation and sponsorship of K-12 activities through its involvement with the Los Angeles/Irvine portion of the International Brain Bee, which encourages children to learn about neuroscience and psychology from an early age.

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