Featured Collaborations

Collaborations designated with a “Collaborator” Relationship reference proposals that are Driving Biomedical Projects (DBP). These projects are selected to drive new LONI methodological, algorithmic and technological developments, and simultaneously, draw upon available LONI expertise, tools, data, services and infrastructure to solve challenging problems.

Those that are marked as “Service Recipient” refer to LONI Collaboration and Service (C&S) Projects. These projects have access to the advanced LONI technologies infrastructure, software, techniques, and expertise, and are initiatives by outside biomedical and clinical researchers. LONI provides consultation and data interpretation, access to software and associated technical support to all C&S projects. C&S projects differ from the DBP projects in that they utilize some of the validated and mature LONI resources and do not necessarily drive the development of new technologies or devices.

Both the DBP and the C&S collaborative projects are constantly received, reviewed, selected and supported. We welcome applications for either type of collaboration.

P.I. Name Institution Grant Title Relationship
Tuck Finch USC Tsimane Population Collaborator
John Niparko USC Vestibular Auditory Anatomy Collaborator
Mark Humayun USC Argus 2 Collaborator
Helena Chui USC Vascular Contributors to Dementia Collaborator
James Knowles USC Schizophrenia Collaborator
Meng Law USC TBI and Focus Training Collaborator
Daniel Pelletier USC Multiple Sclerosis Collaborator
John Ringman USC Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Disease Collaborator
Bosco Tjan USC High-Field Image Analysis Collaborator
Scott Holland Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Pediatric Brain Project Collaborator
Victor Valcour UCSF HIV Connectomics Collaborator
Susumu Mori JHU Mouse Brain Collaborator
Margie Wright QIMR, Brisbane, Australia GWAS Neurogenetics Collaborator
Russ Jacobs Caltech Mouse Models and Mouse Atlasing Collaborator
Scott Fears UCLA Quantitative Genetics Collaborator
Tony Simon Stanford DTI in Children with Fragile X, 22q, Williams Syndrome Collaborator
Lori Altshuler UCLA Bipolar Disorder Service Recipient
Liana Apostolova Indiana University Alzheimer’s Disease Service Recipient
Oscar Lopez U Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Health Study Service Recipient
Jennifer Levitt UCLA ADHD Service Recipient
Nicolas Cherbuin ANU Brain Asymmetry Service Recipient
Dimitrios Pantazis MIT Multivariate Connectivity Analysis Service Recipient
Andre Machado Cleveland Clinic Deep Brain Stimulation Service Recipient
Jim Gee U Penn Non-linear Registration Service Recipient


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