Selection to become a LONI Resource Collaborator is based upon the promise of a significant scientific relationship. Each of the collaborative investigators are tied to the main goals of this Resource—computational anatomy and multi-dimensional modeling. These projects and collaborative relationships provide unusual data sets of high quality imaging or specific biological problems that present a unique and challenging opportunity for our group. Please view the Data Collaboration Overview for details on the steps involved in the Data Collaboration process.

To join the LONIR Collaboration, follow the steps below:

Collaborator Projects

Our collaborations include research projects focused on a variety of neuroscientific problems spanning the range from development to aging, as well as disease processes that influence the structure and/or function of the brain.

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LONI Twiki

The LONI Resource Twiki is an enterprise groupware platform that facilitates collaboration and foster crosspollination of ideas across multiple research groups. Twiki, based on the notion of open editing, allows users to freely create and edit web content. It supports hyperlinks and has a simplified text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages. Content is maintained by LONI Resource research groups which supports the collaborative nature of LONIR and helps ensure that content for dynamic projects is up-to-date.


LONI encourages dialogue between the user community and laboratory personnel. There are several software forums administered by the software teams and a forum about cluster computing. To contribute to the conversation, view the LONI Forum.