Scientific Visualization

The Scientific Visualization Core consists of a group of scientists, artists, designers, and programmers who meet the challenge of applying methods to present new and often unique information in an accurate, intuitive and graphically innovative manner. Sophisticated scientific visualizations and animations illustrate the results of algorithmic and analytical strategies used in the core research areas and by our collaborators. The visual representation of these strategies is a crucial component of LONIR as it delivers another dimension by visually communicating the results of our research.

The goal of the Scientific Visualization Core is to deliver resources, technologies and expertise to scientists and collaborators. The core also maintains and produces the websites and image libraries that are used to communicate findings with collaborators, the scientific community and the public.

Here are some examples of work produced by the Scientific Visualization Core:

The Data Immersive Visualization Environment (DIVE) will be a notable feature in the new LONIR facility. This stereo-capable immersive theatre is dominated by a 12’ x 15’ curved 4K UHD LED screen. The DIVE provides researchers with a novel environment to investigate multidimensional data in three-dimensional space.