Name Institution Grant Title Collaboration Type
Andrea Adorni IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Cortical grey matter patterns of extraversion in healthy persons: a pilot study. Service Recipient
Matthew Allin King's College London Institute of Psychiatry Adolescent changes in hippocampal morphometry after preterm birth Service Recipient
Lori Altshuler UCLA fMRI in Bipolar Illness Service Recipient
Lori Altshuler UCLA Risk and Predictors of Postpartum Depression Service Recipient
Nancy Andreasen UCLA Phenomenology and Classification of Schizophrenia Service Recipient
Robert Asarnow UCLA Familial Psychiatric Disorder and Attention in Schizophrenia Service Recipient
Stephen Ashwal Loma Linda University Pediatric TBI and DAI: Normal Appearing Brain in Not Normal Service Recipient
Dorothee Auer University of Nottingham Evaluation of medical image registration algorithms Collaborator
Nicholas Ayache INRIA Brain Atlas Service Recipient
Annalisa Baglieri IRCCS Centro Neurolesi "Bonino Pulejo" Cortical Pattern Matching in Normal Aging Service Recipient
Sylvain Baillet Cognitive Neuroscience & Brain Imaging Laboratory Modelling hippocampus sub-structures Service Recipient
Ravi Bansal Columbia University Morphometric Analysis Service Recipient
Elaine Bearer University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center MR APP -/- C57 Alz Studies Collaborator
James Becker University of Pittsburgh Cardiovascular and HIV/AIDS Effects on Brain Structure/Function and Cognition Service Recipient
Steve Berman UCLA fMRI in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Service Recipient
Mona Beyer Stavanger University Hospital Hippocampal atrophy in Parkinson's disease Collaborator
Mona Beyer Stavanger Hospital DEMWEST Collaborator
Marina Boccardi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Hippocampal morphometry in frontotemporal dementia: a radial atrophy mapping study Service Recipient
Marina Boccardi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Cortical and hippocampal morphometry in a family with mood disorders: a CPM and radial atrophy mapping study Service Recipient
Marina Boccardi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Cortical differences in patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder Service Recipient
Genoveffa Borsci IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio Morphostructural cerebral features of Alexithymia Service Recipient
Jeff Bronstein UCLA MRI Assessment of Pallidotomy Lesion Placement and Post-operative Localization in Parkinson's Disease Service Recipient
Carlo Caltagirone Fondazione Santa Lucia, IRCCS Mapping Callosal Thickness in Patients with Williams Syndrome Service Recipient
Carlo Caltagirone IRCCS S. Lucia Foundation Corpus Callosum changes in Mild Alzheimer Disease and amnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment Collaborator
Rochelle Caplan UCLA Thought Disorder: A Developmental Disability in Epilepsy Service Recipient
Rochelle Caplan UCLA Pediatric Thought Disorder: Insights from Neuroimaging Collaborator
S. Thomas Carmichael UCLA Sch Med Neural Repair after Stroke Collaborator
David Cash IXICO Ltd Huntington's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative Collaborator
Nicolas Cherbuin Australian National University Corpus callosum shape and laterality Collaborator
Timothy Cloughesy UCLA Consortium Therapeutic Studies of Primary Central Nervi Service Recipient
Keith Cover VU University Medical Center Assessing the perfomance of AdaBoost in segmenting MPRAGEs Unknown
Daniele Cusi UNIMI Hypergenes Service Recipient
Ronald Dahl UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Pubertal Maturation & Drug Use Vulnerability Service Recipient
Paola Dazzan Institute of Psychiatry Establishing early neuroimaging biomarkers to predict treatment response in schizophrenia: a multimodal imaging study Service Recipient
Claudio Demartini Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic Segmentation techniques for structural MRI Collaborator
Bruce Dobkin UCLA Locomotor Therapy Trial for Spinal Cord Injury Service Recipient
Jessica Foley Harvard Medical School/VA Boston Healthcare System White matter pathology, cognition, and functional abilities in geriatric HIV Collaborator
Giovanni Frisoni IRCCS Fatebenefratelli DECIDE Collaborator
Cynthia Fu Institute of Psychiatry Cortical and subcortical regional morphology in unipolar depression Collaborator
Ichiro FUKUMOTO Nagaoka University of Technoogy A study of a human brain shape change by the aging used texture analysis Collaborator
Sergio Furuie University of Sao Paulo Implementation of Techniques for MRI Morphometry Service Recipient
Rossana Ganzola IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Mapping local structural hippocampal changes in Alzheimer’s disease and normal aging on MR imaging at 3T Service Recipient
James Gee Univ. Penn. shape optimizing diffeomorphisms for computational anatomy Service Recipient
Cristina Geroldi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Hippocampal radial mapping in MCI patients: a longitudinal study. Service Recipient
John Gilmore University of North Carolina Early Brain Development in High Risk Children Collaborator
Darren Gitelman Northwestern University Structural and functional mapping of progressive aphasia Service Recipient
Vivekanand Gopalkrishnan Nanyang Technological University Decision support tool for a clinician in case of stroke Collaborator
Juan Górriz University of Granada Open Image Processing Platform for the diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease Collaborator
Russ Greiner University of Alberta Brain Tumour Growth Prediction Collaborator
Daniele Grosso University of Genoa ImgLab Collaborator
David Gutman Emory University Neuroimaging correlates of Early Life Trauma Collaborator
Susan Harkema UCLA Plasticity of Human Spinal Neural Networks After Injury Service Recipient
Bruce Hermann University of Wisconsin-Madison Neuropsychological Progession in New Onset Epilepsy Collaborator
Argye Hillis Johns Hopkins U. School of Medicine Neural Basis for Lexical Processes in Hyperacute Stroke Collaborator
Paul Hoang UCLA 3D Cephalometric Analysis Service Recipient
Fumiko Hoeft Stanford University School of Medicine Corpus callosum morphometry in dyslexic and normal reading children Collaborator
Matthew Hoptman Nathan Kline Institute Frontal White Matter and Impulsivity in Schizophrenia Service Recipient
David Hovda UCLA Loss of Developmental Plasticity After Head Injury Service Recipient
Marco Iacoboni UCLA Multimodal maps of human imitative behavior Service Recipient
Russell Jacobs Caltech Multimodal mPET & mMRI Imaging Instrumentation Service Recipient
Terry Jernigan University of California, San Diego fMRI Indices and CSF Viral Load in HIV-Infection Service Recipient
Terry Jernigan SDVAHS/UCSD REAP: Cognitive Imaging in Dementing Disorders Service Recipient
Terry Jernigan University of California, San Diego STRUCTURAL NEUROIMAGING CORE Service Recipient
Verdier Jose Kinesitherapy try to use slicer with BIRN Service Recipient
David Kenned MGH Anatomic Morphologic Analysis of MR Brain Images Service Recipient
Ron Kikinis Brigham and Women's Hospital National Alliance-Medical Imaging Computing (NAMIC)(RMI) Service Recipient
Iris-Tatjana Kolassa University of Konstanz Morphometric Analyses in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Collaborator
Carsten Konrad University of Münster Hippocampal morphometry in neuropsychiatric diseases Collaborator
Jeremy Koppel Feinstein Institute for Medical Research A Novel Calcium Transporter Gene and Hippocampal Volume Collaborator
Cornelia Kornblum University Hospital Bonn Mapping Callosal Thickness in Patients with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2 Collaborator
Krista Lanctot Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre A Positron Emisssion Tomography Study of 5-HT1A Receptors in Alzheimer's Disease Collaborator
Lenore Launer NIH/NIA Brain Aging in Japanese-American Men Service Recipient
Christiana Leonard University of Florida Brain Asymmetry and Language Development Service Recipient
Jennifer Levitt UCLA Neuroimaging and Symptom Domains in Autism Service Recipient
Jennifer Levitt UCLA Medical Center Callosal Thickness in ADHD Collaborator
Matthew Lieberman UCLA Neural Mechanisms Underlying Stress Reactivity Service Recipient
Jack Lin UCLA Extrahippocampal Structural Abnormalities in Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Collaborator
Jingzhi Liu Lerner Research Inst, The Cleveland Clin FRACTAL DIMENSION IN HUMAN CEREBELLUM MEASURED BY MRI Service Recipient
Edythe London UCLA Nicotine Withdrawal, Smoking & Cognition: an fMRI Study Service Recipient
Oscar Lopez University of Pittsburgh CHS-Cognition Study Collaborator
Lok Ming Lui UCLA/Harvard Detecting of Alzhemier Disease using Beltrami Coefficient Collaborator
Michael Masters Montana Tech of the University of Montana Prefrontal Cortical Expansion, Facial Orthognathism, and the Human Eye Orbit: a Morphological Constraint Model to Explain the Etiology of Juvenile-Onset Myopia Collaborator
Gary Mathern UCLA Effects of Training on Recovery of Walking for Children with Hemispherectomy Collaborator
Emeran Mayer UCLA Mayer Projects: Data Analyses Unknown
William Melega UCLA Brain and Behavioral Alterations After Methamphetamine Service Recipient
Carolyn Meltzer EMORY UNIVERSITY Imaging the Depression/Dementia Interace Service Recipient
Mario Mendez UCLA Frontotemporal Dementia: A Basis for Clinical Trials Collaborator
Bruce Miller UCSF Frontotemporal Dementia: Genes, Images, and Emotions Service Recipient
Lisa Mosconi NYU Preclinical detection of AD (abbreaviate as FAMHXAD) Collaborator
Rob Nicolson University of Western Ontario Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Tourette Syndrome Service Recipient
Keith Nuechterlein UCLA Transmission of Vulnerability Factors for Schizophrenia Service Recipient
Jose Pardo University of Minnesota Anterior Cingulate and Cognitive Aging Collaborator
Maria Pastor University of Navarra Center for A Medical Researc Longitudinal study on sequential movements in Parkinson's disease Collaborator
Bradley Peterson Columbia University & New York State FMRI of Impulse Control in Childhood Disorders Service Recipient
Bradley Peterson Columbia University & New York State Neuroanatomical MRI Studies of Childhood Disorders Collaborator
Bradley Peterson Columbia University MRI Studies of the Brain in Health and Illness Collaborator
Michela Pievani IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Structural correlates in early and late onset Alzheimerâs disease with cortical pattern matching and hippocampal radial mapping. Service Recipient
Michela Pievani IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Association between ApoE and age of onset in Alzheimerâs disease with cortical pattern matching and hippocampal radial mapping Service Recipient
Seth Pollak University of Wisconsin Neurodevelopmental Effects of Early Deprivation in Humans Collaborator
Nader Pouratian UCLA Morphometric changes of the brain in Parkinson's disease Collaborator
Annapaola Prestia IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio -FBF In vivo mapping of incremental cortical atrophy from health to overt Alzheimer’s disease Service Recipient
Lisa Raine University of Southern California Prefrontal deficits in schizotypals Service Recipient
Adrian Raine University of Southern California Intergenerational Transmission of Antisocial Behavior Service Recipient
Uma Rao UCLA Risk for Substance Abuse in Depressed Adolescents Service Recipient
Judith Rapoport NIMH Normal and Abnormal Brain Development in Children Service Recipient
Helen Rausch UCLA Cognitive and Brain Changes After Adjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer Service Recipient
Allan Reiss Stanford University Longitudinal Outcomes and Neuroimaging of Fragile X Synd Service Recipient
Pajarola Renato University of California, Irvine IViS: Interactive Volume Visualization using Multiresolution Object-Space Point Splatting Service Recipient
Edward Riley San Diego State University Behavioral and MRI Evaluation of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Service Recipient
Roberta Rossi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Hippocampal formation in psychopathy: a radial mapping MR-based study. Service Recipient
Roberta Rossi IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Morphostructural cerebral features associated to borderline and bipolar disordes Service Recipient
David Rottenberg University of Minnesota Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Functional Activation Service Recipient
Nicolas Rüsch University of Freiburg, Germany Corpus callosum abnormalities in women with borderline personality disorder Collaborator
Francesca Sabattoli IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF In vivo neuropathology of the hippocampal formation in AD: a radial mapping MR-based Service Recipient
Francesca Sabattoli IRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FBF Hippocampal changes in Lewy body dementia patients: a radial atrophy mapping study. Service Recipient
Noriko Salamon UCLA Diffusion Tensor Imaging in the Identification of the Extra-Hippocampal Abnormality in Patients with Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with Hippocampal Sclerosis Collaborator
Noriko Salamon UCLA Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Identify Cortical Dysplasia in Epilepsy Patients Collaborator
Cristina Scarpazza Center for Studies and Research in Cognitive Neuro INVESTIGATION OF CORPUS CALLOSUM MORPHOLOGY IN ALEXITHYMIA. Unknown
Ulrich Schall University of Newcastle Brain imaging studies of auditory processing dysfunctions in schizophrenia Service Recipient
Gottfried Schlaug Harvard Medical School Callosal Thickness in Musicians Collaborator
Thomas Schoenecker Charite Berlin Automated Coregistration SWA-Atlas and DBS-MRI Images Service Recipient
Zuyao Shan St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Automated Segmentation and Shape Analysis in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors Collaborator
Bennett Shaywitz Yale University School of Medicine Yale Center for the Study of Learning and Attention Service Recipient
Nancy Sicotte Cedars-Sinai The onset of progressive ms:structural and functional determinants Service Recipient
Nancy Sicotte Cedars-Sinai Hippocampal Volume Loss in Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical Consequences Collaborator
Nancy Sicotte Cedars-Sinai Testosterone treatment for multiple sclerosis Collaborator
Gregory Simpson UCSF Dynamics and Cerebral Sources of Attentional Processes Service Recipient
Gregory Simpson UCSF Visualization of Temporal Patterns of Complex Brain Activity Service Recipient
Gary Small UCLA Functional MRI for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease Service Recipient
Gary Small UCLA Mental Disorders of Aging -- Antiinflammation in Ad Service Recipient
Jair Soares UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR SAN ANT In Vivo Brain Mechanisms Across the Bipolar Spectrum Service Recipient
Eric Sobel UCLA Compiling and Testing Statistical Genetics Applications Service Recipient
Golam Sorwar Southern Cross univerisity Image Coding for Teleradiology Collaborator
Phoebe Stewart Vanderbilt University Cryo-EM Structural Studies of Adenovirus Cell Entry Service Recipient
Larry Swanson University of Southern California Connections of the Limbic System and Hypothalamus Service Recipient
Larry Swanson University of Southern California A Mature Brain Architecture Knowledge Management System Service Recipient
Philip Szeszko Zucker Hillside Hospital Mapping Cortical Thickness in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Collaborator
Yuchun Tang David Geffen School of Medicine The Chinese Digitized Standard Brain Atlas and Brain Template Collaborator
Esra Tasali University of Chicago Pathways Linking Reduced Sleep Duration and Quality to Obesity Risk Service Recipient
Franca Tecchio National Research Council Evaluation of corpus callosum thickness relations with intracortical connectivity indices as new prognostic factors of multiple sclerosis progression. Service Recipient
Pablo Villablanca UCLA MRI Atlas of Normal Brain Development in Vervet Monkeys Service Recipient
Philip Ward University of New South Wales / NISAD Executive planning deficits in Schizophrenia: Integration of fMRI and sMRI data Service Recipient
Bernd Weber University of Bonn Influence of early onset epilepsy on Corpus Callosum Collaborator
Daniel Weinberger NIMH/NIH Hippocampal shape analysis based on BNDF val/met genotype Collaborator
Michael Weiner University of California, San Francisco Prediction of Cognitive Decline with MRI and MRS Service Recipient
Shimon Weiss UCLA Single-Molecule Fluorescence Analysis of Transcription Service Recipient
Rene Westerhausen University of Bergen Logitudinal devlopment of the corpus callosum in school children Service Recipient
Paulo Wille University of Mainz DTI for Demetia Diagnosis Service Recipient
Charles Wilson David Geffen Medical School at UCLA Systems Pathophyisology: A Clinical Neurophyiology Program for the Partial Epilepsies Service Recipient
Zhao Yi UCLA Multimodality Registration Incorporating Spatial Information Collaborator
Di Zhang UCLA CT-MRI Atlasing Service Recipient
Andrew Zisserman University of Oxford Immediate structured search of medical images Collaborator